Summer’s End

Curated by Lucy Stuart-Clark
8 April – 2 May 2015

An exhibition of illustration, collage, sketch and ceramics by

Summers End
Lucy Stuart-Clark, Summers End, Pen, pencil & collage on paper

As the North Pole begins its steady tilt towards the sun and autumn silently creeps into our gardens, The Drawing Room bids farewell to summer with its first exhibition, Summer’s End.

The artists met each other while studying and continue to meet whenever they feel the need to escape their studios and discuss the joys and woes of working in the art world. Summer’s End was, in many ways, born out of such a tea party. Invited by The Drawing Room to curate its first exhibition, the artists ventured through their storerooms and studio drawers, each finding artworks which slowly began to build towards a summery themed exhibition.

As our evenings grow longer and cooler with each passing day, Summer’s End is a gentle and slightly nostalgic celebration of a retreating season. Acknowledging this, the exhibited artworks cannot help but tentatively evoke an exploration of the blurring between life and death that occurs during the autumn months.

The dual nature of this theme is echoed not only within the variety of media and techniques employed by the artists, but also within the physical space of the exhibition. The Drawing Room is a café and art gallery, a social and creative space. As its name suggests, drawing is right at the heart of its operation. Recently opened by Candice and Derek Allison, The Drawing Room intends to create a platform for illustration, graphic design, drawing and prints in Cape Town, offering fairer terms for its exhibiting artists.The promise of this intention is already evident in a Summer’s End, an exhibition which features the work of artists, the majority of whom also call themselves illustrators and designers.

Please join us for the opening of Summer’s End. Bid farewell to another South African summer and celebrate the birth of a new Cape Town gallery!

Carla Kreuser, The lagoon is very round here
Carla Kreuser, The lagoon is very round here
Maria Lebedeva, Adventure Awaits
Maria Lebedeva, Adventure Awaits
Maria Lebedeva, Balmy Sunday
Maria Lebedeva, Balmy Sunday


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