Son of a Mantis

Son of a Mantis
16 November – 17 December 2016
Curated by Grant Jurius

The title alludes to an ancient Khoi folklore titled ‘The Son Of The Mantis’ (!Gaunu-Tsaxau)

This exhibition of drawing, painting and sound looks at the importance of art, music, painting and storytelling within our cultural history, specifically from an African perspective. As African artists who spring from mixed heritage within the Cape Town context, we want to keep in mind the practices of not only our forefathers but those who have reaped from this continent since ancient times. From the period when indigenous peoples were living freely off the land, to colonial times where art, music and storytelling persist as a means to survive culturally as human beings.

The act of sitting around a fire, conveying stories and myths; making music and spoken word poetry; painting and making pictures require as little resources now as they did in ancient Africa. Even with advanced technology and tools, maintaining the Spirit of these practices is important. It is an exhibition to honour our ancestors of the Land who have left behind traces of rock art, spiritual books and ancient rhythms. These are forms we still enjoy today with modern tools like spray cans for graffiti, instruments in music and folklores & tales adapted to the present. These are things that keep an ever evolving African culture afloat against the grain of struggle.

Opens Wednesday 16 November, 6.30-8pm

Followed by an ‘after-opening-party’ >> R30 cover
Including a performance by Collin Meyer aka Collin The Boesman
Music by Future Nostalgia ++ grymttr/Dan Gray

Anwar Davids is a Creative hailing from the Cape Flats district in Cape Town, a place full of colour and challenges. Davids’ fascination with graffiti and street art lead him to study Graphic Design at Cape College, where he was influenced by Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Art. Influenced by personal experience and current affairs, his experimental style allows Davids to challenge his creativity and create artworks that express his passion.

Graeme Arendse is, in no particular order, a Designer, Illustrator, Comics Artist, Fong Kong Bantu, Chimurenga People.

Grant Jurius was born and bred in the Northern Suburbs community of Elsies River surrounded by the Cape Flats. His preferred choice of medium is drawing, painting and installation. He is a co-founder of the Burning Museum collective; a member of the vinyl collecting and DJ collective Future Nostalgia; and founder of the street art & graffiti artist based initiative The Street is the Gallery.

He has exhibited at various galleries including: group shows at Artvark in Kalk Bay; MM Galleries in Muizenberg and a group exhibition he curated in Elsies River; and a solo exhibition at Black Box Gallery in June 2013. In May 2012, Jurius was awarded the Lionel Davis Award which included a residency at Greatmore Studios, funded by the National Arts Council. At the end of the residency, he participated in a group show with fellow residents titled Loopings.