A Place Between | Jessica Bosworth Smith

Jess Bosworth Smith

For the June edition of Art Thursdays in Obz we bring you a solo exhibition by Cape Town based illustrator Jess Bosworth Smith entitled ‘A Place Between’.

A Place Between explores the shifting reality that we know is true, and a fictional reality that is only glimpsed in our peripheral vision; a reality which is populated by strange beings who dissolve and reconfigure endlessly.

This body of work was highly influenced by the concepts of “felt reality” synonymous with magical realism, a Spanish American genre of narrative fiction characterised by the writing of Gabriel García Márquez, and the dark imaginings of Hayao Miyazaki.


Jess Bosworth Smith is a visual artist who believes that illustration is a fluid and multifaceted form of storytelling. Her approach is to constantly challenge accepted norms and traditions within the field of illustration through experimental use of techniques and mediums. Her work explores notions of memory, history, spirit realms and the esoteric.